The Responsible Artist Manifesto

What We Believe

A Responsible Artist is a NEW BREED OF ARTIST. Proud. Armed with a financial plan. Hates abdication. Loves responsibility.

A Responsible Artist never worries about having to leave the artistic world BECAUSE they understand the rules of time and money.

A Responsible Artist is no longer a slave to Social Media and only uses it to enhance their artistry.

A Responsible Artist understands that the most important function of money is to SOLVE PROBLEMS so the Responsible Artist can continue living a creative life.

A Responsible Artist understands that art is making something out of nothing and it’s totally okay to want to sell it – proudly and without hesitation. There are many people who need your art and paying for it makes your fans feel great.

A Responsible Artist has goals for their artistic ‘business’ and refers to these goals on a weekly basis. They understand that the goals are only a beacon and tactic to increase income, which increases the Responsible Artist’s ability to solve problems which increases the standard of living for the Responsible Artist by allowing them to live and create and earn worry free.

A Responsible Artist understands the difference between financial NEEDS and WANTS and eliminates as many ‘wants’ from their life as possible.

A Responsible Artist understands that everybody must suffer from one of two pains in life: The pain of discipline or the pain of regret. Because of this understanding, the Responsible Artist chooses discipline in all matters pertaining to their art.

A Responsible Artist understands that having to ‘dig out’ of a financial bind is not an indictment of their character but rather only a temporary condition that can be remedied with some changes in behavior.

A Responsible Artist understands that living on food stamps does not make them a better artist. Money does not corrupt a pure spirit and creative heart.

A Responsible Artist lives below their means and enforces this behavior through savings and the tactic of paying themselves first. Each and every time money is received, the Responsible Artist saves 10% and deposits this money into a separate savings account.

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