Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are you only focusing on artists?


A: Because it’s who we are.  It’s our passion.

Q: Who do you consider to be artists?

A: To us, an artist is anybody who makes a living, or is supremely passionate about, creating things.  Actors, musicians, flower arrangers, painters, directors, photographers, and authors are a few examples.  It’s a huge list and it’s a state of mind.  If somebody considers themselves to be an artist, then they are.

Q: The word ‘Responsible’ bugs me.  There is a part of me that doesn’t want to be responsible.  Can you help me understand why you chose that word?

A: You are not the first person who has asked us this.  The notion of ‘responsible’ and ‘artist’ was an incongruity that we intentionally included when we were developing the program.  It was meant to get under your skin and to make you think.  The word can mean whatever you want it to mean.  To us it means doing what is necessary to get what you want out of your life.

Q: What are the expected outcomes from attending your coaching sessions or reading your books?

A: By the end of the sessions you will have developed systems for managing your time and money.  You will have a method to reduce financial ‘surprises’.  You will have a financial Plan B ready to go in case you need it.  You will have less anxiety.  You will have hope and increased savings.  You will have a newer and more mature way of looking at money.  You will be more productive with your time.  You will understand that even though you are an artist at the core you are in the marketing business.

Q: Do people find the group coaching fun? Or life-changing? If so, why and how?

A: Our observation is that very quickly a community forms within each coaching group.  Members find it comforting to be with other artists whose hearts are open and willing to learn.  Any embarrassment they may feel quickly disappears within the comradery of the group.  We’ve been told by a few people that they no longer feel alone and no longer feel shame. They feel respected by Kate and David and the group as a whole.  They like being around people who want to grow and learn.  The lessons are serious but the manner in which the classes are taught brings lots of laughs.  Kate and David are not know-it-alls.  They both have been through a lot in their life and have many experiences to share.  These sessions can be life-changing.  It just depends on how much you are willing to implement the lessons and tactics that are presented in the sessions.

Q: How much time is this going to take?  I don’t have time to learn how little money I have.

A: You are asking the wrong question.  You should be asking what will the return on time investment be?  But back to your question – you will be attending an approximate two-hour group coaching session every month. Additionally, we will be checking in with you periodically to see how you are progressing.  Please note that this program is not about money. It’s about changing your mindset to get what you want out of your life. Money may or may not be on this list of what you want in your life.

Q: How do we sign up for a class?

A: You can email David at or go to the Services section of the website to reserve your spot in the program.

Q: What makes Mr. Wolfe such an expert in all of this?

A: Start with going to the About section and read his story.  He has stood where you are as a young man going through complete devastation as a single parent with two small children.  He has been a CPA since 1982.  He is the owner of several successful businesses and has succeeded by pulling himself up from personal bankruptcy.  David is a very good marketer and has taught many people what he has learned as a student of marketing. He has off-the-chart intuition and, like you, is very creative. He considers the work he does in the Responsible Artist program to be his life’s calling.

Q: I just want to focus on my art.  Why all this focus on time and money?

A: This focus is so you get the best use of whatever it is you want to do with your time and money.  If you aren’t currently having any struggles then you are way ahead of the game. Maybe we’ll bring you in as a guest lecturer…Most artists struggle with both wanting money and, as you say, just wanting to focus on their creative endeavors.  We understand this. We go through these conflicting set of emotions ourselves at times. We will help you with the mindset around this dichotomy of thinking.

Q: Is there a progression in the coaching series?  Do the lessons build off of each other?

A: There is definitely a progression.  These sessions were designed by David to challenge you and to give you things to think about when you leave.  You will be given homework to work on each month as you change your mindset around time, money, and marketing.

Q: Will I be embarrassed in the class?  I feel like I am a bit of a dope with all of this time and money stuff…

A: Good grief no.  Remember David was on the verge of being homeless 30 years ago.  Kate has a similar but different story. Having financial problems doesn’t define you – it’s just what you are going through at the moment.  We will not allow any judgment to seep into our sessions.  You will find Kate and David to be very forthcoming about the issues they have confronted in the past. And one more thing:  You don’t have to say anything in the sessions – not a single thing.  You can just sit there and absorb.

Q: Besides the in-person coaching what other offerings do you have that may be of interest to me?

A: We offer one-on-one coaching.  Free audio recordings.  Informative videos.  Our Responsible Artist book mirrors the course schedule.  In addition to the book we offer a Companion Book that takes the reader through exercises that the book does not cover.  In the Companion Book we refer to ‘templates’ from time to time.   These templates are the exact ones David uses in his life to manage his time and his money.  And finally – we offer a ‘done for you’ service where we partner with our client for a period of time to help them make the changes they need to make.

Q: What guarantees do you make with your program?

A: First of all – if the program is not what we say it is we will write you a check back after your first session.  We guarantee that you will be challenged.  Respected.  If you implement the lessons your net worth, and your self-esteem, will increase.  Responsibility has a way of doing that.

Q: I don’t live in California.  Can we attend these sessions via Skype?

A: Definitely.  We use Zoom for our ‘remote’ training.  Our clients are satisfied with this technology.  

Q: I have gotten financial advice before and feel like I got ripped off.  Why should I trust you?

A: You should trust us until we give you a reason not to.  Innocent until proven guilty type of thinking.  If you feel ripped off or feel that we are posers than we will refund your money.  We will shake hands with no hard feelings.  Know that we are all about the artists.

Q: I am concerned with having to get out of my chosen artistic field because of a lack of income.  Can you help me?

A: This is a particularly strong area of Kate’s.  We can give you many different avenues and tactics to consider.  So, yes – we can help you.

Q: Will being a ‘responsible’ artist help me get more auditions?

A: Ha!  Nice try.  Auditions are outside an actor’s control.  But we will teach you how to be in charge of your own marketing strategy.  These skills will help you in possibly getting more acting roles and/or auditions.

Q: How long is each coaching session and what is the duration of the coaching series?

A: The sessions have been running 90 minutes to 150 minutes.  If we are on a roll we don’t shut it down just because of time.  There are three tiers to the coaching series:  Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.  The first series has 5 sessions.  The other two in the series have 11 sessions.

Q: What is Kate Zenna’s role in the program?

A: Kate is You.  She brings real-life experience as a user of what David teaches.  She brings real-life experience as a working actor in Hollywood. She is a singer-songwriter.  An author.  A soon-to-be talk show host.  She has written a screenplay.  She is an artist. She is You.

Q: If I decide to join the coaching program are there any bonuses or add-ons that I will receive?

A: Definitely.  You will receive the following:

  • One inspirational and tactical email from us each week.  It will be relevant to either what was just covered in a session or what is coming up
  • You will have up to two ‘SOS’ calls to either Kate or David during the duration of the program
  • We will check in with you once/month to see how things are going and how you are progressing
  • All coaching programs will be recorded.  You will receive a link to the audio and video files
  • A copy of The Responsible Artist book

Q: Is the coaching series just about money?  If not, what else will be covered?

A: The series is about changing your mindset around money, time, and marketing.  These lessons are different than any you have received before.  (For example – we will never, ever talk about having a budget. Ever.  David considers these to be a symptom of fear-based thinking around money.)

Q: I am a painter.  I just want to paint.  Why do I need to know about marketing?

A: Presumably people buy your paintings, yes?  Then, my friend, you are in business.  Actually, you don’t know this yet, but you are in the business of marketing your artistry.  Let me direct you to our sign-up page…

Q: Do you have a list of what is covered in the coaching programs?

A: We have a course outline for all 3 coaching groups.  Contact David at  He will send it to you.

Q: What if I’m not the ‘entrepreneurial type’ of artist like Kate Zenna is?

A: You are way ahead of the game.  Many people think they ‘should’ be entrepreneurs.  You either are or aren’t.  It’s not a choice but a calling.  It’s neither good nor bad.  What is important and relevant is that you have things you want to get done in your life.  We will help you navigate the financial part of it.

Q: I really don’t have any other skills other than my art.  How can this help me?

A: By giving you the tools to live within your means so that you can stay in the artistic game.  By teaching you how to think like a marketer so you can sell your art and, more importantly, so you can sell yourself.  David has taught this to many people and he himself was taught by master marketer Dan Kennedy.

Q: I have A.D.D. and have trouble learning in a traditional way.  How will this help me?

A: If you can listen and apply lessons you will be fine.  If you disrupt our class or are disrespectful we will ask you to leave and will refund your entire course fees paid to date.  All of this will be discussed prior to the first class.  We are really big on respectful behavior towards others and yourself.

Q: Will this coaching actually help me make more money?

A: The financial lessons will help you save money.  The time and marketing components of the program will definitely help you make more money – if you apply the lessons.

Q: I have terrible discipline when it comes to this stuff.  I don’t think you can help me.

A: With that mindset, you are probably right.  That’s a tough bit of scar tissue for us to try and get through.  Question:  Were you born with poor discipline or is it simply a choice you have made to justify you not fulfilling your dreams?  Having said that, we do offer to work with artists on a daily basis to help them get the knack of the program.

Q: Is there a way to do private one-on-one training or anonymous group training?

A: Definitely.  Email David for pricing.  Send to:

Q: How can this help me if I’m in terrible financial trouble?

A: We can help you deal with the immediate issues.  Know that there are no magic buttons to extricate yourself, but it can be done.  Both Kate and David have done it.  Once your situation is stabilized then we’ll start with the growth which begins with changing your mindset.

Q: How long is this process? How long should I expect to wait for results?

A: It’s possible that you will begin feeling results after the first session.  I think the amount of time that it takes to begin experiencing desired results is directly proportional to how ready you are for change.  And to how open your soul is to living responsibly and to living in congruence with your life’s calling.

Q: I have been thinking about quitting my creative pursuits.  They are just not bringing in money.  Can this program help me do that?

A: We will challenge you so that the ‘right’ decision just happens. Remember that you will be hanging around other creative people. We are only working with artists.  You never know what sort of life-changing connections may occur.  David and Kate have both had failed businesses. We know the feeling that comes with failure – although neither of us look at it as failure.  We can help you with your decisions and your path.

Q: Isn’t all this work going to make me LESS creative and free?  Won’t it make me a money-driven artist? Won’t it dilute my creative expression to be one that is toward making money?

A: Nope, nope, and nope.  It will make you MORE creative by taking away worry and by supplying you some systems around time and money. These systems will give you MORE time to be creative.  We promise.

Q: What is your policy with regard to how you handle customer’s private information?

A: Please see our privacy policy here.

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  • Aren’t sure if the lessons and resources apply to your current situation
  • Never received any lessons around money while growing up
  • Worry about having to ‘get out of the game’ because you cannot pay your bills with the income you receive from your artistry
  • Are confused as to why you aren’t getting more done

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