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That doesn't mean that you necessarily paint

You could be an actor. A musician. A director…a photographer. You might be a set decorator or a painter. An author. There are so many ways to earn a living as ‘a Creative’. And as a Creative Soul you probably look at the world differently than many other human beings on this planet. And quite possibly you have a love/hate relationship with time and money.


Watch Kate and David talk about what it means to be a Responsible Artist and how to use the website resources available to you.

This video is for you if you:
  • Feel like you will lose your creativity if you become ‘Responsible’ or are resisting the notion of Responsibility
  • Aren’t sure if the lessons and resources apply to your current situation
  • Never received any lessons around money while growing up
  • Worry about having to ‘get out of the game’ because you cannot pay your bills with the income you receive from your artistry
  • Are confused as to why you aren’t getting more done
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“As an actor myself, I know all too well the day-to-day struggle creatives face trying to find a balance between commerce and pursuing a career in the arts. Like the title suggests, “The Responsible Artist” explores this much-needed balance and integrates two concepts that seem at constant odds by aligning artists with their goals and the efficiency to reach them. With their practical and loving guidance, Kate and David provide a road map for artists to productively focus on matters like time management, money and self-promotion. The intent of this book is clear – to empower those who make art – and who want to make a living doing it.”

Brooke Nevin

“I grew up in the acting business and have been very lucky to have made my career as an actor. That said I have worked very hard to stay the course. I am intimately aware of what it means to make your career in Hollywood. I am well-versed in the rewards but also the challenges that face artists who aim to make their living through their art. 


Just knowing that there is an effort to support the well-being of artists with The Responsible Artist book is a comfort to me. I wish that Kate and David had created this sooner. I know that many of my early career colleagues would have found the gems of advice and support in this book extremely beneficial. I’m grateful to Kate Zenna for her bravery to come forward, share her story and co-author such a needed offering of information.”



Spencer Garrett

“I will admit it. I am a shameless David Wolfe fan. I have been the lucky recipient of some of his business advice after spending a morning with him at his Los Angeles office. David has this rare combination of humor, deep business experience, and has the heart of an artist. He is also a master marketer. I couldn’t write fast enough while he was mentoring me. The caring, loving advice I received from him on that May morning is completely mirrored in The Responsible Artist. He means what he says and he says what he means. Artists – listen to him and just do what he says. 

Kate Zenna has lived (and lives!) the life that many of us artists have chosen. She has the purest of hearts and intention. Her caring, while equal to David’s, comes from another place entirely as she has walked in the shoes of her artistic soul mates. All of this comes through so clearly in The Responsible Artist…as does the nature of their partnership. They are a bit of an Odd Couple. The Texan CPA paired with the Canadian film and TV actress. Their partnership is a case, as Aristotle said, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Kathryn Winslow


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